Bakuryu Brachiosaurus Toei

Bakuryu Brachiosaurus (爆竜ブラキオサウルス?) is the partner Bakuryu of Asuka. He is tasked with carrying and healing the other Bakuryu; with the exception of Top Galer, Styracosaurus (with the Dino Carry Bakuryus), Firenokodon, CarnoRyutus and ChasmoShieldon.

Quotes by Episodes

  • Episode 2: "My own capsule happened to break by chance."
  • Episode 3: "I'm a bit clumsy."
  • Episode 4: "Strength is love."
  • Episode 5: "Haste makes waste."
  • Episode 6: "What one must have is friends."
  • Episode 7: "If there is peace, someday the flowers shall bloom."
  • Episode 8: "You've become a shell of your former self."
  • Episode 9: "Separate, we may be small. But together, we are invincible!"
  • Episode 10: "As long as one has love, one can fight!"
  • Episode 11: "If one has dreams, and if there is a tomorrow, is that not enough?"
  • Episode 12: "To protect a small life, the flames of love and courage burn!"
  • Episode 13: "Have faith. The only thing to do is to have faith."
  • Episode 14: "We will fight until the very bitter end!"
  • Episode 16: "Our souls are burning!"
  • Episode 17: "Everyone is dreaming of a peaceful tomorrow."
  • Episode 19: "We will blow away the black clouds hiding the sun!"
  • Episode 20: "If nothing changes, it'll be dangerous!"
  • Episode 20: "No matter what lies ahead, a man will walk his road alone, eh?"
  • Episode 20: "We are allies who can defeat any enemy!"
  • Episode 21: "You are being targeted!"
  • Episode 23: "We must steel ourselves, everyone! There is no one else who will save our friends!"
  • Episode 24: "You are all beautiful, even more than flowers."
  • Episode 25: "The war continues... Stop the battle!"
  • Episode 26: "Sue-san is angry too!"
  • Episode 27: "One cannot catch a tako without entering its kotatsu."
  • Episode 28: "Our hearts ignite, and now they burn!"
  • Episode 29: "As the ancients say, 'Life has it's ups and downs'."
  • Episode 30: "Until Asuka finishes, I shall do my best!"
  • Episode 31: "It's alright. They're alive. I leave the rest to you."
  • Episode 32: "Let your loneliness strengthen your love, and trust in the day when you can smile and meet again."
  • Episode 33: "My friend! My dear friend, can you see these tears?"
  • Episode 33: "There once was a man who fought bravely. For his sake as well, we will not lose!"
  • Episode 36: "He dreams too, doesn't he?"
  • Episode 37: "A man's willpower is not for show. It is to protect your smile 'till the end."
  • Episode 41: "Burn them forever and ever in those scorching hot Dino Guts!"
  • Episode 42: "Though he is a Bakuryu, he dreams! Though he is a Bakuryu, he loves!"
  • Episode 43: "The future we believed in is about to collapse."
  • Episode 44: "Asuka and the others are trapped in the dreamworld."
  • Episode 45: "The dreams you have make you the heroes of tomorrow!"
  • Episode 46: "The answer lies between those who destroy and those who protect."
  • Episode 48: "You're not alone! Everyone is coming!"
  • Episode 49: "We must embrace our destiny to fight, and abandon our peace to yesterday!"
  • Episode 50: "Now is the time for us all to unite our Dino Guts!"
  • Hurricaneger vs Abarenger: "Shushu to sanjou"
  • Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Deluxe: "Burn your warm heart. The hot-spirited and strong willed Bakuryu-tachi!"
  • Abarenger vs Dekaranger: "Evil cannot be forgiven!"

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