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This is a compilation of data for various characters in Japan's Tokusatsu World.

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This wiki is intended only for the admins' data gathering. Any outside interference is temporarily blocked for now. This wiki intends to gather different data related to Japan's Tokusatsu Heroes, no matter how small the relevance is.

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  • new page Kujo Kiriya
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Kujo Kiriya (九条 貴利矢?) QuotesEdit Kanji Romaji Most Probable English Translation Description 自分 Jibun Me/Myself/I How Kiriya usually addresses...
  • edit Takahashi Yayoi
    edited by Sijfer diff
  • new page Takahashi Yayoi
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Takahashi Yayoi (高橋弥生?) portrayed Takano Megumi.
  • new page Takano Megumi
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Takano Megumi (高野 恵?) was an INET Programmer from the moon that built the program for Mega Red's Battle Rizer. She is Kawasaki Shogo's fiancee. She...
  • new page Hammer (planet)
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Hammer (惑星ハマー?) is a far-off planet unknown to the Earth Civilization, but was known by other alien races, from the Ultra Galaxy Universe. It is the...
  • new page Boris (planet)
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Boris (ボリス?) is a far-off planet colonized by the Earth from the Ultra Galaxy Universe. It is three times the size of Earth, and has an artificial...
  • new page Watanabe Ami
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Watanabe Ami (渡辺杏実?) portrayed the past version of Igasaki Fuuka in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.
    Added photo:
  • edit User:Sijfer
    edited by Sijfer diff
  • edit Tomari Shinnosuke
    edited by Sijfer diff
    Edited the section: Quotes
    Added photo:
  • new page Tomari Shinnosuke
    created by Sijfer
    New page: Tomari Shinnosuke (泊 進ノ介?) QuotesEdit Nou saibou ga toppu giada ze! (脳細胞がトップギアだぜ!?) Hitoppashiri tsukiaeyo! (ひとっ走り付き合えよ!?)

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